Austin Texas Medicaid Planning Attorney

Providing Medicaid Benefits Planning  in the Greater Austin Texas Area

Medicaid provides essential health care coverage for seniors and disabled adults but qualifying is becoming increasingly difficult.  Many people fail to adequately plan ahead and find that they are faced with the prospect of losing all of their assets because they need nursing home care.  The Law Offices of Tanya K. Streit P.C. provides legal representation to Austin, Texas area clients planning for future enrollment in Medicaid.  Our comprehensive estate planning practice provides for the long-term healthcare and financial needs of Texas seniors throughout Travis and Williamson Counties.

As an  Austin area Medicaid benefits attorney, Tanya assists clients in planning for future enrollment in Medicaid so that they can protect their valuable assets.  Because we are a Texas comprehensive estate planning law firm in Austin, we can sometimes use asset protection devices like a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust to protect our clients’ valuable assets even if you need nursing home care.  Tanya may also help you protect your assets by advising you how to legally “spend down” your assets.  Our objective is to help clients obtain eligibility for Medicaid benefits without depleting the assets that they have built over an entire lifetime.  We approach each client’s case with the objective of protecting all of our client’s assets and those of their spouse.

There are assets that are exempt from consideration in Texas when applying for Medicaid, including your family home, a prepaid burial plot and a single motor vehicle if the applicant spends assets down to a threshold called the Protected Resources Amount (PRA).  You can potentially keep a fair amount of assets and regular income and still qualify.  Tanya can assess your eligibility by evaluating your income and assets and provide effective Medicaid planning to help you qualify.  If you are outside the five-year look back window, we can help you structure annual, tax exempt gifts to family members.  This will allow you to slowly transfer assets to your loved ones over time.  We might also use a Miller Trust (Qualified Income Trust).  Any income over the specified amount that would impact your eligibility for Medicaid is automatically diverted into the trust. As an experienced Medicaid benefits lawyer, Tanya has helped many Austin area seniors,  throughout Travis and Williamson Counties, to plan for future Medicaid eligibility and successfully enroll.

Tanya offers a free, confidential consultation to review your income and assets and evaluate  Medicaid eligibility.   We also provide discounts to seniors and veterans. We are committed to helping clients that need nursing home care preserve their wealth, so call  today at (512) 772-5829 to schedule your initial consultation.